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Free Yourself by Carolyn Hobbs


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FREE YOURSELF blends practical Buddhist wisdom with quick, easy body-centered therapy tools for transforming anxiety, fear, despair, guilt and sadness into joy, freedom and inner peace within one-to-ten minutes. It helps readers meet anger with understanding, fear with loving compassion, worry with curious awareness, and their own buried grief and shame with loving compassion.

As James Baraz, Sept. contributor to the Huffington Post and co-author of Awakening Joy," said in his Foreword to Free Yourself: "The teachings in these pages are more than merely concepts. If practiced with sincerity, they will come to life. Going through personal inner transformation affects everyone in your life. Compassion, love, kindness and joy are contagious. As you take in the wisdom of Free Yourself and strengthen all the beautiful qualities life has gifted you, I hope you hold your process as a gift to everyone you know."

FREE YOURSELF broadcasts Buddha's Best-Kept 
Secret: every human heart is born with unlimited joy, loving-kindness, compassion and inner peace, regardless of religious beliefs and spiritual leanings.

Endorsements for Free Yourself

"Free Yourself is filled with poignant vignettes, meditative practices, and reflections that help us inhabit our lives with the fullness of loving presence."

TARA BRACH, Ph.D., Author of Radical Acceptance & True Refuge

"Free Yourself helps you learn to tenderly hold your heart with your own loving hands."

JACOB LIBERMAN, OD, PhD, Author of Take Off your
Glasses and See & Wisdom from an Empty Mind

"Free Yourself is hands down one of the most empowering books I've read in a very long time, definitely a must-have for personal growth/spiritual growth library. ."

JANICE LYNNE LUNDY, Author of Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman you are Meant to Be

"Like a warm and helpful conversation with a wise friend, Free Yourself wraps the wisdom teachings in stories, humor, and suggestions that gently nudge
us toward the freedom inherent in every beat of our
heart. "

SHOSHANA ALEXANDER, Co-author with James Baraz
of Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness

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Carolyn Hobbs
An offer from Carolyn hobbs

Licensed Therapist, Author, Workshop Leader and former College Teacher Carolyn Hobbs has blended Body-Centered Therapy with ancient Buddhist wisdom for over thirty years. Author of her popular book, JOY, No Matter What, published in five languages, Hobbs is offering free phone consultations to anyone who buys 10 or more copies of FREE YOURSELF--as gifts for friends or to sell to clients-- from today.

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Meaning of Life, Buddhist Perspective

The Meaning of Life, Buddhist Perspectives on Cause and Effect His Holiness the Dalai Lama Translated by Jeffrey Hopkins Foreword by Richard Gere Using the traditional Buddhist allegorical image of the Wheel of Life and the teaching of the twelve links of dependent origination, the Dalai Lama deftly illustrates how our existence, though fleeting and often full of woes, brims with the potential for peace and happiness. We can realize that potential by cultivating a wise appreciation of the interdependency of actions and experience, and by living a kind and compassionate life. A life thus lived, the Dalai Lama teaches, becomes thoroughly meaningful for both oneself and for others.
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Steve Sisgold
Free Whole body Intelligence audios From steve Sisgold

Author, speaker, coach and creator of the Whole Body Intelligence program Steve Sisgold has appeared on PBS, the Oprah Winfrey Network and blogs for sites such as Psychology Today. Based on his bestselling book What’s Your Body Telling You? Steve offers 3 audio gifts including Your Brilliant Body where he teaches you how to access information stored in your body plus two lively conversations with his friend and colleague, author Gay Hendricks, on Beliefs and How They Live in the Body and Body Intelligent Relationships.


Ruth Stern
Ruth Stern - Tap to transform

This gift provides you with some videos and audios on how to create more inner peace and balance in your life with EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is an energy psychology technique that is a very simple, yet profound in the results you can create to reduce stress and anxiety.


Natural Breathing
Secrets of Optimal Natural Breathing Development

Enjoy a 30 year study of breathing and voice development techniques and exercises including breathing anatomy and supportive pictures with a strong scientific foundation.  159 pages. 

"Even though I have been practicing in the health-care field for over 28 years, I was stunned by the data Michael Grant White presented in his Optimal Breathing manual, DVDs and CDs. “. Bonnie Weston, ND Strongsville, Ohio
Enjoy a 30 year study of breathing and voice development techniques and exercises including breathing anatomy and supportive pictures with a strong scientific foundation.  159 pages. 

Cynthia Starborn

One FREE teleclass in the monthly "School of the Soul"
teleseries with Cynthia Starborn.  Listen live or to the recording of one 75-minute teleclass designed to help parents, teachers, and educational activists embody revolutionary new paradigms for learning. 

CYNTHIA STARBORN is an intuitive soul guide and a life-long educator who has worked with students of all ages, from preschoolers to adults. Trained in Akashic Records Soul Clearing, she offers  transformative classes, events, and private consultations to help you and your loved ones tap into your unique brilliance and shine.

Jan Lundry
A free downloadable copy of Jan Lundy's book

Jan Lundy is a Spiritual Director/Mentor with an inter-spiritual focus, educator, retreat leader, and the author of five spiritual growth books including, Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be. She is also the founder and editor of the online magazine and community, Her personal website is

FREE Gift: 

Jan Lundy is delighted to offer purchasers a full-length, downloadable copy of her book, Perfect Love: How to Find Yours and Make It Last Forever. Perfect Love offers readers a consciousness-shifting model, practical tools and strategies, for how to love beyond the ego. Ideal for singles seeking spiritual love and for couples desiring to deepen theirs. 157 pgs. $9.95 value.

Pamela Polland

Enjoy a wonderful blend of Hawaiianized Pop Classics. If you like the IZ version of “Over The Rainbow”, you will love Pamela’s entire album.

Guided Meditations

This set of 9 guided meditations accompanies Tara Brach's book, Radical Acceptance (Bantam, 2003).

Dr. Mark Schillinger

Dr. Mark Schillinger provides real life solutions for parents who are finding it difficult to parent their children while maintaining their personal health and happiness. Dr. Mark guides parents to use their authority and influence wisely, while valuing the virtues of their children.

Randy Peyser

There's the book you want to write and the book a publisher (or reader) will buy.

Are they the same book? In this 20 minute, no-obligation consultation, book pro, Randy Peyser will provide you with the information you need to make the right choices for your book's success.

Sherry Gaba
Free E book from Sherry Gaba

Sherry Gaba is known for her role in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

With her E book, "Eliminate Limiting Beliefs" you will learn how to unveil beliefs that are holding you back and rewrite your mind's script.